Professor Md Abdul Mannan PhD

Vice Chancellor
Hamdard University Bangladesh


It is my pleasure to offer a message of goodwill to potential students, guardians, educationists and other members of the society. We shall be more than happy to welcome you at our campus to exchange and share your views.

Hamdard University Bangladesh is the outcome of the vision and brainchild of Dr. Hakim Mohammad Yousuf Harun Bhuiyan. It was his long-cherished dream to set up a ‘City of Science, Education & Culture’ and to house the University in it. The dream turned into a reality when Hamdard University Bangladesh was approved on 14 March 2012 under the Private University Act 2010.

The goal of Hamdard University Bangladesh is to develop it into one of the best private universities in Bangladesh and a leading one in the world. With highly qualified faculty we are working relentlessly towards achieving excellence in higher education. For holistic development, our primary target is to develop research. We believe in academic excellence in higher education through the interplay of teaching and research.

We are continuously growing and in course of time, we will ensure the provision of adequate resources, well-equipped laboratories, libraries and campus facilities for students to achieve academic, personal and career goals in a stimulating and supportive environment. I am sure that our regular interactions and consultations within academic and social systems will familiarize students with global scenarios and widen the horizon of their knowledge.

Finally, my colleagues, stakeholders and well-wishers! I urge you to join me in the intellectual pursuit and continued HUB-endeavors in ‘making a difference in the lives of our students.’

Professor Md Abdul Mannan PhD