B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Regular)

Duration 4 Years
No. of semesters 8
Semester per year 2
Total credit 154.5
1. Eligibility for Admission
1.1 Admission for Regular Students:

Every applicant, without any exception, must fulfill the admission requirements as laid by the University. A higher secondary certificate or its equivalent in Science with Mathematics and Physics is the basic educational requirement. Minimum qualifying GPA to be eligible to apply is 2.5 individually in SSC/’O’ level or equivalent and HSC/’A’ level or equivalent examinations. For ‘O’ and ‘A’ level students, their Average B grade will be consider for admission. For all other foreign certificates, the University as per rules of the Bangladesh Government/University Grants Commission of Bangladesh will determine equivalent.

1.2 Admission of Transfer Students:

Credit transfer from an educational institution with a system similar to University may be considered. Such candidates will have to apply with required documents and are subject to credit transfer rules of this University. The total credits transferred by a student from other universities will not exceed 50 credits for the program.

2. Graduation/ Degree Requirements:
  • Completion of 154.5 credits hours courses (Theory + Laboratory)
  • Completion of 6 credits Dissertation with at least a ‘C+’ grade(GPA 2.5)
  • Passing of all the courses individually and maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.5.
3. Studying Policy for the Program
3.1 Credit Hour:

Students take courses in each Semester and these courses have credits assigned to them and the credits are counted towards the degree. Credit hours for a course are assigned on the basis of a 22 week Semester and 2 classes of 55 minutes duration each week. Laboratory classes will be of 2 hours duration in a week for each course.

3.2 Academic Standing :

Students should take the requisite number of courses and maintain satisfactory grades in the courses. They are expected to maintain a GPA of 2.00 (both semester and cumulative) otherwise the student will be put on probation for the following semester. Course grade can be improved in the next available opportunity by paying the applicable course fee. In case of ‘F’ grade the students has to take the class in full with all the examinations. Grade ‘C’ and below may be improved by the students.

3.3 Grading and Point System:

Hamdard University Bangladesh (HUB) as well as the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) follows the Uniform Grading System (As directed by University Grants Commission of Bangladesh).

Numerical Grade Letter Grade Grade Point
80% - 100% A+ (A Plus) 4.00
75% - 79.99% A (A Regular) 3.75
65% - 69.99% B+ (B Plus) 3.25
60% - 64.99% B (B Regular) 3.00
55% - 59.99% B- (B Minus) 2.75
50% - 54.99% C+ (C Plus) 2.50
45% - 49.99% C (C Regular) 2.25
40% - 44.99% D 2.00
Less than 40% F 0.00
4. Course Schedule of the Program

Students willing to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) will have to follow the general guidelines of degree requirement of the University. Course schedule for the undergraduate students of the Department is given below.

No. Description Total Credit
01 General Education Course 18.0
02 Basic Sciences 12.0
03 Mathematics 18.0
04 Interdisciplinary Courses 9.0
05 Program Core courses 70.5
06 Technical Electric courses 21.0
07 Project/Thesis 6.0
Total 154.5