• To bring out BUMS graduates who would be able to correlate with the latest technologies and also with modern therapeutics.
  • To enable these graduates to plan and execute research programmes aimed at solving health problems, especially at the grassroot level of the countrv (Primary Health Care level).
  • BUMS graduates should be able to demonstrate their professional responsibilities to the best interest of the patients exercising preventive, curative and promotive medicine and the corresponding health care.
  • To develope the science behind Unani Medicine with modern technologies & research.
  • To determine how Unani Medicine may fit well into current wellness and treatment strategies.
  • To understand potential adverse effects, drug-nutrient and drug-drug interactions and indications for commonly used Unani Medicine.
  • To communicate effectively with patients and clients regarding Unani Medicine and answering questions about their use and there possible abuse.
  • Understanding the ethical, legal and regulatory challenges related to Unani Medicine.
  • Accessing essential resources for reliable information regarding botanical and nutrient products.
  • To educate and to enable them to correlate with other health care professionals, including physicians, nurses and medical technologists.


Our main goal is to provide quality education & Research and produce skilled professionals in the field of Unani medicine and health sciences.


The Scopes in Unani Medicine are bright. Unani Medicine has a big role in the management and treatment of a large number of diseases and disorders. The discipline is quite effective for lifestyle related disorders and other geriatric problems also. Students of BUMS are also made acquainted with other relevant disciplines such as physiology, preventive medicine, pharmacology, pathology and forensic medicine along with the parent discipline. All these make the BUMS graduates more knowledgeable and make them ready with the demand of present market economy. A BUMS degree holder can join as a research officer or consultant either in public or private sectors. If one is ambitious and hard working, he can make a position as a pharmacist, production officer, Medical officer or physician, administrator and teacher.


  • Government hospitals at district and upazilla level
  • Hospital and healthcare administration
  • Clinical practices
  • Health supervisor
  • General practice
  • Unani drug manufacturing
  • Academic areas
  • Unani medicine consultation
  • Research areas
  • Management & administration
  • Health promotion
  • Health education