The objectives of the Department are to:

  • Offer students an opportunity to develop their skills based on the theoretical and practical education of economics;
  • Make them familiar with terms and factors, practices and theoretical basis of the courses;
  • Connect them with the on-going economic trends of the world;
  • Help them think the economic theories in a critical way; and
  • Nurture and nourish their area of interest by applying research.

Learning outcomes

After completion of the program the students will be able to

  • identify the economic problems of local, national and global/ international aspects.
  • conduct on various socio economic issues.
  • analyze the nature of economic problems of specific areas like agriculture, industry, service and so on through field research including policy recommendations for solutions of problems.
  • recommend the policy guidelines for increasing internal resource mobilization through taxation and other measures.
  • identify the effective fields of investment, economic cooperation with other nations that will gear up economic growth and development.

Career Opportunity

After successful completion of this program the graduates will be able to build up their career with the following areas.

  • BCS Cadre Services like Education, Administration, Taxation, Foreign Affairs etc.
  • Business and Banking Sectors.
  • Telecommunication and service sectors.
  • National Development Agencies like BIDS, CPD, PKSF, etc
  • International Development Agencies like World Bank, UNDP, WTO, FAO, UNICEF, UNESCO, etc.