The New VC Joined
Date Published: 08-12-2016

Professor Dr Abdul  Mannan   Joined  Hamdard University Bangladeh  as the Vice- Chancellor


On 07.12.2016 Prof  Dr Abdul Mannan  joined Hamdard University Bangladesh  as the Vice-Chancellor. He was cordially received with a bouquet  by all the officials and  teachers of the University  while he was accompanied by the honorable Founder of  the University Dr. Hakim Mohammad Yousuf  Harun  Bhuiyan, the Chairman of Board of Trustees Kazi Golam Rahman and members of the Board of Trustees Prof Hakim Shiry Farhad, Lt. Colonel Mahbubul Alam Chowdhury (Retd), Major Iqbal Mahmud Chowdhury, PSC (Retd), Mohammad Zamal Uddin Russell  and Dr. Hakim Nargish Marjhan.


The newly appointed Vice- Chancellor was introduced with the teachers and the students of the University separately in the conference room of the University and in the Hall Room of the University respectively.  


The Founder of the University Dr. Hakim Mohammad Yousuf Harun  Bhuiyan welcomed the new Vice-Chancellor to the University. He hoped that under his leadership the University will move forward. Moreover, he categorically reminded everybody that the University is committed to provide quality education. He hoped that the students of the University with their acquired knowledge and talent will be able to shape up the society.


The Chairman of Board of Trustees Kazi Golam Rahman briefly discussed the profile and the working experience of the newly appointed Vice- Chancellor of the University. He honestly hoped that with the joining of the Vice-Chancellor, the academic activities of the University will get momentum. Moreover, he hoped under the leadership of the new Vice-Chancellor, Hamdard University would become the leading University among the private Universities in Bangladesh.


The newly joined Vice- Chancellor Prof Dr Abdul Mannan thanked the Founder, the Chairman and members of the Board of Trustees of the University for showing confidence on him and expressed his hearty thanks to all. He said that his first task will be to ensure quality education for the students. According to him, quality of education is not only to acquire knowledge and skill but to build character.   Furthermore, he emphasized on the team work and which enables to achieve the organizational goals. At the end of his speech, he hoped all the concern of the University will assist him to achieve the goals of Hamdard University Bangladesh.