Dept of Unani Medicine

BACKGROUND :Bangladesh is a land of 144,000 sq. km- is having 140 million populations of which 90 percent are Muslim while 80 percent of the total population live in the rural areas. For this vast population , Bangladesh has a total of 36,000 registered physicians and 8,000 registered Hakims. Furthermore, this strength of physicians are very much reluctant to serve at rural areas rather prefer to live in urban locations which is ultimately resulting deprivation of the vast majority (80% of total population) from the opportunity of health-cares. Majority of the rural peoples are highly depended on using herbal medicines. Therefore complementing the allopathic medicine with herbal, required initiatives should be in place for education the mass people about its merits and pulling their attention for it’s eventually recognition.

Hamdard is a well-known waqf organization in the South Asian subcontinent being the biggest Unani Medicine manufacturing concern in Bangladesh and the pioneer in development and expansion of Islamic Medicine a part of Islamic Science, Culture and Heritage. In this contextual backdrop, Hamdard Bangladesh based on Islamic principles, felt the necessity of establishing an Institute in the country having 90 percent Muslim population which shall have a complete course curriculum on Islamic Medicine.

OBJECTIVES: Bangladesh is a developing country and majority its population is not provided with sufficient health facilities. For this reason, the quest for a system of Alternative Medicine was developed to introduce the system of treatment & cure by plants, minerals etc which is more close to nature named as natural medicine. The subject of Natural Medicine will offer this alternative system for the needs and requirements in health care of our masses.