Facilities For Learning


Hamdard University Bangladesh (HUB) has qualified faculty, human resources, physical and financial resources and sufficient logistic facilities. HUB has managed to create an ideal environment for the students to acquire knowledge.




Hamdard University Bangladesh (HUB) faculty comprises of a unique blend of teachers and researchers. The faculty consists of a distinguished body of scholars with proven teaching and research excellence. Many have doctoral degrees from renowned universities at home and abroad. Many others are postgraduate degree holders and professionals with varied experience. Visiting faculty members from abroad will bring diversity and richness in the learning environment.



HUB has classrooms of various sizes, ranging from regular ones that can hold 20-30 seats, to large ones with a capacity of 30-40 seats. Each classroom will be air-conditioned and equipped with multimedia and overhead projectors. Some classrooms have, in addition to these, televisions, VCR and equipment that can be used for teleconference. HUB has access to Hamdard field work facilities in more than 200 outlets all over Bangladesh for the use of faculties and students.


Computer Labratory

There are two Computer labs at the University Building, namely Computer Lab-I and Computer Lab-II. Each labs have a total of 45 Intel Pentium Dual Core D2. 7 GHz frequency and Connected by a network of LAN. Computers are connected to a host of other peripheral devices such as scanners, printers, digital cameras, etc. Suitable UPS units are provided for back up electric power supply to all computers and peripheral devices. This Computer Laboratory-I will perform thefollowing Lab.


Course experiments: CSE-112: Computer Fundamentals & Programming Laboratory; CSE-122: Structural Programming Language Laboratory; CSE-132: Object Oriented Programming Laboratory; CSE-128: Data Structure Laboratory; CSE-228: Algorithm Laboratory; CSE-232: Database Management System Laboratory and CSE-314: Computer Architecture Laboratory.


Computer laboratory -­ II

This Lab is equipped with the following:

Hardware-I: Switch, Hub, RJ 45 Connector, CAT 5 Cable, Cable Tester, Crimpier, Radio Link Tower


Hardware-­II: Combined Analog Digital Laboratory Trainer, Oscilloscope, Digital IC Tester, DC Power Supply, Function Generator, Digital Multimeter, Normal Meter, AC Current measuring meter, Relay, Audio Signal Generator, LED of different colors, Diodes of different numbers, Analog IC of different numbers, Diodes of different numbers, Analog and digital IC of different numbers, Breadboard, 7 segment Display, A/D & D/A Converter, 555, Timers, Counters, etc



Software: Microsoft VISIO, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Linux, Network Simulator, Routers Network Visualizer, J Builder, Virtual PC, , Turbo C, Java, C++, Microsoft .net, J Builder, ASP .net, PHP Antivirus Server, Mail Server, File Server, Samba Server and Multimedia Projector.



This Computer Laboratory-II will perform the following Lab. course experiments:

CSE-322: Professional Software Design Laboratory; CSE-326: Operating System Laboratory; CSE-332: System Analysis & Design Laboratory; CSE-334: Artificial Intelligence Laboratory; CSE-336: Computer Networks Laboratory; CSE-412: Compiler Design Laboratory; CSE-422: Computer Graphics Laboratory; CSE -424: Computer Peripherals and Interfacing Laboratory; CSE-426: Pattern Reorganization Laboratory; CSE-436: Simulation and Modeling Laboratory; CSE-448: Multimedia System Design Laboratory.





Computer laboratory - ­III

This is the computer Hardware laboratory. This Laboratory will be equipped with necessary equipments and components for the maintenance of Computer Laboratory I & II.


Electrical Engineering Laboratory


The main components of these Labs are Analog Laboratory Trainer, Digital Laboratory Trainer, Oscilloscope Resistance Decade Box, Capacitance Decade Box, Inductance Decade Box, Breadboards, DC Power Supply, Function Generator, Digital Multi Meter, AC Current measuring meter (Amp. & mA), Relay (JZC-20F/12VDC), Bread Boards and Audio Signal Generator and the components like Resistor, capacitors, Inductors, Diodes, Transistors and 741 operational amplifiers.
This Laboratory will perform the following Lab. course experiments:

EEE-102: Electrical Engineering Laboratory; EEE-104: Electrical Circuit Laboratory and EEE-716: Analog Integrated Circuit Laboratory.


Digital System Design Laboratory

The main components of this Labs are Digital Communication Trainer Board, 8086 Microprocessor Trainer Board, Combined Analog Digital Laboratory Trainer, Digital Laboratory Trainer Board, Oscilloscope, Digital IC Tester, DC Power Supply, Function Generator, Micro Processor Trainer Digital Multimeter, AC Current measuring meter, Relay, Audio Signal Generator, Digital Multimeter, Relay, Audio Signal Generator, Transformers, Registers, Capacitors, Inductors, Transistors of different values, LED of different colors, Diodes of different numbers, Analog IC of different numbers, Digital IC of different numbers, Breadboard, MOSFET, 7 segment Display, A/D & D/A Converter, 555 Timers and Counters. This Laboratory will perform the following Lab.course experiments:


EEE-206: Digital Electronics Laboratory; CSE-214: Digital Logic Design Laboratory; EEE-304: Digital System Design Laboratory; EEE-314: Microprocessor & Interfacing Laboratory and CSE-416: Microprocessor & Assembly Language Laboratory.


Electronics Laboratory

This Lab is equipped with Combined Analog - Digital Laboratory Trainer, the Power Electronics & Industrial Electronics Trainer consists of Experimental Modules: Mod-01 ­ Module 18, Oscilloscope, Digital IC Tester, DC Power Supply, Function Generator, Digital Multimeter, Normal Meter, AC Current measuring meter, Transistor Tester, Audio Signal Generator Transformers, Different values of Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, transformers, Diodes, Analog ICs, Digital ICs, Breadboard, MOSFET, Piers of different sizes. This Laboratory will perform the following Lab.Course experiments:

EEE-124: Electronics Laboratory; EEE-208: Electronics Laboratory; EEE-306: Power System Laboratory and EEE-416: Power Electronics Laboratory.


Communication Engineering Laboratory


The main components of this Labs are Modules of Digital Communication Trainer, Modules of Telephone Trainer Kit, Active Filters & RF Oscillators, AM Modulator & Demodulator, DSB-SC & SSB Modulator and Demodulator, FM Modulator & Demodulator, TDM Multiplexer & Demultiplexer, FDM Multiplexer & Demultiplexer, Converter A to D and D to A, Pulse Code Modulation & Transmitter kit, Pulse Code Demodulation & Receiver kit, ASK Modulator & Demodulator, FSK Modulator & Demodulator, PSK Modulator & Demodulator, Power supply, Function Generator, DC Power Supply, Oscilloscope.

EEE-310: Communication Theory Laboratory; TE-408: Digital Communication Laboratory; CSE-414: Telecommunication Engineering Laboratory and EEE-410: Microwave Communication Engineering Laboratory

Energy Conversion Laboratory

This Lab is equipped with the Modules of Electric Machine Experiment Trainer that consists of the following Modules with different windings, voltage and currents:

Transformer- Single and 3 Phase, Induction Motor(Squirrel Cage), Split Phase Motor, different Resistive, Inductive and Capacitive Loads, Electro-dynamometer, Work Station (Mobile Consol), Power Supply, Tachometer, DC Motor/Generator, Synchronous Motor/Generator and Synchronizing Module.


Control System Engineering Laboratory


This Lab is equipped with the Modules of PLC Trainer Model : PLC-200 Combined Analog Digital Laboratory Trainer(AC-220V50Hz), Oscilloscope (30/100MHz), Digital IC Tester (AC-220V50Hz), DC Power Supply (0-30V), Function Generator/Digital (Sweep), Digital Multi Meter, AC Current measuring meter (A & mA ), Audio Signal Generator.


Physics Laboratory


Physics Laboratory is equipped with LCR meter, Sonometer, Slide Calipers, Vernier Calipers, Screw Gauge, Stop watch, Glass Plate, Convex lens, Glass Plate, Convex lens, Resistance Box, Galvanometer, DC Power supply, thermometers, Meter Bridge, Watt meter, Simple pendulum, Kater´s reversible pendulum, Searle´s Apparatus, etc.

Chemistry Laboratory


United Nation has already declared, 2010, as the International Year of Chemistry. This implies the importance of chemistry across the world.

The main apparatus and chemicals of these Labs are:

Chemicals: Phenolphthalein, Methyl Orange, Diphenyl Amine, Iron Net, NaCl Salt, Potassium Nitrate, Ferric Chloride Solution, Sodium Hydroxide Solution,


FeSO4 Solution, Sulpher Powder, Chloride Solution, Bromine & Iodine Solution, AgNO3 Solution, NaOH (Solution) , Oxalic Acid, HCL (conc.), Na2CO3, K2Cr2O7 & NaHCO3 solution, Sodium Thiosalphate Solution, Mohr’s Salt (Iron), H2SO4 2N, 6N, CH3COOH (Acetic Acid), Phosphoric Acid, KMNO4, Ammonium Oxalate etc.


Apparatus: Microscope, Beaker (Pyrex), Burner/Sprit Lamp, Test tube, Holder, Wash Brush, Burette, Iron stand, Clamp, Pipette, Filter paper, Funnel, Wash Bottle, Glass Rod, Mortar’s Pastel, Measuring Cylinder, Volumetric Flux, Reagent Bottle, Porcelain Basin, Conical Flux, Measuring Flux, Wood-Charcoal, etc. Properly trained up laboratory technologists will help by standing beside you.


Mathematics Laboratory

There is a mathematics laboratory where students can solve mathematical problems on calculus, numerical analysis, matrices, ordinary & partial differential equations etc.

Biological Laboratory

This Lab is a centre for research and education in Biology, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Environmental Science, Microbiology, Genetic Engineering, Pharmacy and Unani Medicine. The Lab is well equipped with modern technological instruments to meet the growing need for biological research and development. 21st century is an era of biotechnology. This Lab has gathered advanced equipments and specialists to create new transgenic plants and animals in the welfare of growing demand of human beings through biotechnological research. This Lab also tends to promote the Unani system of medicine by educating its fundamental theories and providing practical training using its special method of diagnosis.



Pharmacology Laboratory


HUB has setup well equipped Pharmacology Lab for the faculty of Natural Medicine. Equipments in the Department include HPLC, TLC, Light microscopes, Electronic microscope, Dryer and Slide projectors, Incubator and Ovens, Computers, Laptop and LCD projector.


Anatomy Laboratory


Faculty of Natural Medicine has a very impressive Anatomy lab on the 3rd floor of the campus. Department equipment includes cadaver injector, electric saw (bone and meat cutting machine), light microscopes, micro tome´s, overhead and slide projectors, incubator and ovens, computers, laptop and LCD projector. The lab has a dissection hall.


Museum and Herbarium

Faculty of Natural Medicine has a rich museum of 500 specimen dry crude herbs, 50 specimen animal drugs & 50 specimen mineral drugs. The Museum has a collection of 500 herbarium sheet. The department has a museum with dissected parts, specimens, human body models, and charts. The museum contains human and animal anatomical items including anatomical specimens, a small monkey castings, brains of birds, mammals, human-brains of children, showcases of comparative anatomy of reptiles and birds, major exhibits of different stages of growth of the


skeleton, splanchnology (casts of livers, hearts, lungs, and trachea), and of the viscera and major vessels of the human body.



HUB Information Resource Center and Library


HUB library covers an area of 1,600 square feet. The library is on the 4th floor of HUB campus. The library currently has over 8,000 textbooks, journals, magazines, research papers and other digital resources. In addition, HUB has a subscription to the journal archive. Professional library staff the reference/circulation desk, perform literature searches, offer training, referral and bibliographic services. E-mail facilities for individual students and photocopying are available. The library online book catalog is available through the Internet. It has workstations, a newspaper corner, silent study corner, general study area and an on line library. Over forty computers are placed on the 2nd floor of HUB (In Computer lab), which provide on-line access to Internet. The library is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on all working days and from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Fridays.



IT Network

The IT Network of HUB enables all members, students and faculty alike, to maintain personal user accounts with an email account and a home folder. In addition to this, all members can access certain common folders. This makes sharing and distribution of class lectures, assignments and other such information a mouse click away.







On the 5th floor of the HUB main building there is a spacious and well-ventilated cafeteria of the university. It can accommodate up to 100 students at any given time. It serves a variety of snacks, meals and Drinks. In the same floor (adjacent to the student’s cafeteria), there is another cafeteria (Teacher’s Zone) for 30 faculty members and it is. Cafeteria and tea shops at campus not only provide quality food but also the rendezvous for informal gatherings. The Students Teachers Centre (STC) is the Central Cafeteria of the temporary Campus offers an ideal place for interaction among students and teachers that enables developing good relation between them.




There is a 200 seat capacity auditorium on the 3rd floor of the temporary campus. The Master Plan of Hamdard University Bangladesh complex also includes the grand project of the Hamdard International Conference Centre which will comprise seminar rooms and halls of varying sizes, including a 2000 seat capacity auditorium.


Open Terrace and Lounging area


The lounging area is on the 3rd floor of the University Building that is an open-air terrace of 1500 sqf with a capacity of accommodating 100 students. This area includes a snack bar that serves tea, coffee and soft drinks where students can lounge around and enjoy the fresh air.

Prayer Room

HUB encourages students to keep up religious activities, discussions, lectures by outside speakers and regular daily prayers. The university has separate facilities for prayers for men and women in the campus. In order to facilitate prayer, water supply, electric fans, prayer mat and other facilities are provided in the prayer room.


Sports and extra-curricular facilities


Playgrounds for football, volleyball and badminton (both for girls and boys) are available in the permanent campus. The Sports Centre of the campus has a plan to built a cricket ground and a spacious gymnasium having modern indoor facilities for basketball, badminton, billiard, gymnastics, boxing, table tennis, etc. Completion of this project will provide greater facilities for sports and recreational activities.


Students Common Room


Student’s Common room in the temporary campus has got provisions for playing table tennis, chess, scrabble, and carom.




There is a Gymnasium in the 4th floor of temporary campus. It has got the facilities for regular indoor exercise with common equipments. There is a provision of constructing a new gymnasium complex in the master plan of the main campus.




Hostel facilities are available near the temporary campus in a rented house within walking distance. Food and accommodation will be provided to the students on payment. Due to the limited capacity (50 seats) of these hostels, the facility is provided on the first-come-first served basis. Hostels are well equipped and comfortable for boarding and lodging. Provision for Boy’s and Girl’s hostel in the permanent campus is included in the master plan.


Medical facilities

There is a provision of medical checkup for the students of HUB. At the temporary campus, free-of-charge medical services are available both to the students and faculty members in the HUB Medical Inspection room. One medical officer will regularly check up student´s health and record advice in the medical record card. One medical officer already working in Hamdard Modern Factory (on the other side of the main road) will take care of the students during the office hour. On emergency cases, one on call medical officer will remain standby over phone at night for the students staying in the hostel. One Hamdard medical center near the temporary campus is already extending medical support from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.




Botanical Garden


A very well planned Botanical garden is coming up in the permanent campus. The plantation of a 300 feet wide garden along the bank of river Fuldi is in progress. The garden covers a length of 1600 feet and the total area of the garden is approximately 4,80,000 square feet. A total of more than 300 types of plants will be available in the garden. There is one more Botanical garden in Hamdard Modern Factory which is within walking distance from the campus and on the other side of the road.



The University has vehicles to facilitate the daily travel of faculty members from Dhaka and Comilla city to HUB Campus. Contract vehicles also ply for students according to requirement.


Student Activities

HUB provides facilities for the students through participation in co curricular activities along with regular studies. University´s Student Affairs Office (USAO) provides full support and assistance in this respect.

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