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Hamdard University Bangladesh Master Plan



Permanent Campus

Location of Permanent Campus

Hamdard University Bangladesh has the largest campus of any existing private university in Bangladesh. The permanent campus of Hamdard University Bangladesh (HUB) is situated at Gazaria, Munshigonj. Dhaka-Chittagong highway is the front side (Eastern side) of the campus and the back side of the campus (western side) is naturally bounded by River Phuldi. It presents a charming landscape away from the hectic life of the city of Dhaka.

The fields and avenues of the permanent campus offer a panoramic view. More than 80 Bighas of land, approximately 1.2 million squarefeet (sft) has been purchased and developed for Hamdard University Bangladesh (HUB) permanent campus.


A very well drafted Master plan is being prepared through open design competition by the reputed architects of Bangladesh. There will be an "International Research Center on Natural Medicine" in this University. The HUB plans to shift its activities to the new campus in 3 to 4 years.


Hamdard visualizes a world class University with latest research facilities and logistics for higher education to its highest level. HUB’s motto is "In Pursuit of Knowledge".



Master Plan of Permanent  Campus

(Bird's Eye View)



Master Plan of Permanent Campus

(Side View)


Master Plan of Permanent Campus        (Side View)



Master Plan of Permanent Campus  (Front View)


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