Hamdard Laboratories (waqf) Bangladesh

In 1940, the youngest son of Late Hakim Abdul Majeed, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said jjoined hamdard. In 1948, he migrated to Pakistan and established “Hamdard Pakistan”. In 1953 he started the activities of Hamdard in Bangladesh through two sales centers at Dhaka and Chittagong. Hakim Mohammed Said made Hamdard Bangladesh as ‘Waqf’ in 1972 for people’s welfare. Since then, Hamdard India, Hamdard Pakistan and Hamdard Bangladesh have been serving for human welfare with a similar vision and mission. Hakim Mohammed Said established the large and amazing City of Science, Culture and Education (Madinat al Hikmah) near Karachi. He was the founder Chancellor of Hamdard University Pakistan, Governor of Sindh and Health Advisor to the president of Pakistan. As a prolific writer, he had to his credit a large number of books and articles. In his life he treated millions of patients free of cost.

The development of Unani medicine during the entire 20th century owes its vitality to the three figures in the persons of Hakim Abdul Hameed from India, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said from Pakistan and Dr. Hakim Mohammad Yousuf  Harun Bhuiyan fron Bangladesh. To maintain the high standard of medicine production and research, Dr. Hakim Yousuf Harun Bhuiyan established a factory with high tech production facilities, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and R & D activities with latest scientific equipment. This modern factory is run by a group of  highly skilled botanists, chemists, hakims, Kabiraj, microbiologists, pharmacists and many other well trained personnel. Hamdard gradually extended its health service to the common people of the country. At present  Hamdard a well known and trusted Phyto-pharmaceutical organization in Bangladesh.

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